‘After suddenly realising that a few days a week on skis was not quite enough to maintain the amount of French food and wine I was consuming, Sues tabata and circuit classes have been a life saver- and made me remember how much I enjoyed classes, I used to take lots back in the UK but forgot how great they can be! The classes are really varied and fun, they push you to your absolute limit which I really like. I’m in good shape now thanks to Sue, it’s given me more motivation to stick to a healthier diet and fitness plan, and now I want to maintain my fitness so will most definitely be keeping up with the classes! Thanks Sue!’Faye Turner

‘I’ve been working out with Sue for a few years now, ever since I got to Morzine! Over the time, she has gotten to know me and my (bad!) habits, and she knows my weaknesses and strengths. I feel I have been improving and feel tougher for showing up to class! I’ve just completed an Intensive Week last week, and feeling rather impressed with myself for making it this far… I feel fitter, stronger and dare I say a touch more confident in my appearance! All I need to do now is keep going! Thanks, Sue, for being so patient with me and my grumbling.’ –  Holly Sawyer

‘I started attending Sue’s tabata and circuits classes about a year ago. I had never taken part in any high intensity type workout before and had been attempting to keep myself fit with the occasional run but found it hard to motivate myself. Sue is a brilliant motivator and is constantly encouraging you to push yourself a bit harder than you thought you were capable of. The classes are really fun and everyone is very friendly and there is a great sense of camaraderie. I have definitely seen a massive improvement in my overall fitness as well as toning up muscles I never knew I had.’ –Luanne Martin

Last winter was dedicated to getting myself ready physically and mentally for my last big snowboard technical exam. I knew I was going to have to put in a lot of work in order to get the result I wanted.
Smashing my little legs around the mountain alone was not enough, I knew I had to get some cardio and strength built up in my feeble form.
Sues classes were amazing, I really got a lot out of it. Not only having a right laugh but just feeling extremely motivated to do better and achieve more. Sue is always upbeat and ready to push you. I am also someone who lacks motivation when it comes to working out but surprisingly found myself addicted to going class.
I would strongly recommend Sue to anyone who is wanting to feel motivated and healthy and generally do all the hard stuff with some giggles along the way’ –
Sarah Fish

‘Before I started taking Sue’s classes I only ever did cardio sports, like running and biking. These are still my first loves, but now I’m totally addicted to Sue’s classes too! Sue showed me how it’s important to work every part of your body, from your triceps to your obliques and I feel much stronger in my other sports for it. The classes are really good fun as well as being bloody hard, I love it!
The intensive week was fantastic, I felt like a new woman afterwards and it has really inspired and motivated me. Merci Suzie xx’ – Sarah Tucker

‘Realising I was becoming extremely unfit as I approached ‘middle age’ it took a lot of courage to start personal training sessions. I chose Sue because she is a very approachable, ‘real’ person.
She has been kind and encouraging, has devised a program that fits into my busy life, takes into account my fitness level and above all, is achievable.
It can be intimidating starting a fitness program from the level that I am, but I have enjoyed my sessions and plan to continue them in the future.’ – Lisa Jones

‘I have been training with Sue for over 3 years, she is an amazing instructor.  I have trained with her when I was 6 months pregnant and after, she has always altered exercises too suit pre and post pregnancy.  I would highly recommend Sue to anyone she is brilliant and her classes are always varied and great fun.’ – Amy Ross

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