Whatever your reasons for investigating personal training or fitness classes there is something for everyone and a type of training to suit each individual.  Whether you are training for an event such as a wedding, your first triathlon or race, or you are a seasoned athlete looking for cross training to support your current training.  It could be weight loss or a general desire to feel fitter and healthier all round, we believe we have something for everyone and can tailor your training to make sure you get the best from yourself!

Weekly Classes

€10 per session or €75 for a block of 10 (8 week time limit).  If you want to come along and see if the classes are for you then the first class is just €5.

Click here for the 2015 Summer Class Timetable and more information.

If the class timing does not suit you and you know you have friends in the same position then please get in touch with regards to setting up your own class.  With just a minimum of 4 people you can arrange your own weekly class!

For class locations please drop us a line.

Read more about Tabata, Circuits and HIIT

Aim Fitness and Health morzinePersonal Training

€25 for half an hour – 10% discount for booking 12 sessions

€35 for one hour – 10% discount for booking10 sessions plus one free class session per week

All Personal Training block bookings include initial consultation*, fitness testing and nutritional advice.  The sessions can take place in your own home, at our own studio or outdoors in the WILD!

Aim Fitness and Health Morzine - Personal Training*whether a block booking or single booking an initial consultation is always necessary.

Buddy Training

Sometimes getting motivated to train is hard!  Why not get a friend involved and book in some buddy training sessions!  Discounts are available for block bookings, please get in touch to find out the packages available.

Aim Fitness and Health Morzine - Buddy TrainingSport Specific Training

Whether personal training, buddying up or creating your own class time with friends if you have an event coming up and you need help to get your body in tune to perform to your best potential then we have sport specific training available. Any of the above packages can be specifically designed to focus on the sport you are wanting to excel in be it triathlons, your first 5 or 10k or even a marathon, cross training the body is an essential part of any sports training.  Just drop us a line for more information.

Nutritional Consultation

Your diet, that’s what your put into your body in the way of food on a daily basis, accounts for a good 70-80% of your health and fitness.  Without fueling the body in the correct way we can not expect the body to function and respond to the daily stresses we pit it against efficiently.  If you would like a nutritional consultation for weight loss, sport nutrition or just general health then please get in touch for a variety of options.

Aim Fitness and Health - Nutrition


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