Intensive Blitz Week! 7 Days of Intense Exercise Complete!

Last week, 5 of my regular class goers embarked on an intensive exercise week, every day for 7 days…  Ouch!

The week was designed to leave no muscle untouched and no energy system unused with 5 days of classes at 75 minutes and 2 active recovery days of fun aerobics and active stretching to make sure those muscles didn’t seize up!

Aerobics 80's style!
Aerobics 80’s style!

Each class had a theme and varied from Tabata, to Bum specific, Core blasts to Boot camp and Boxing. Tyres were thrown and flipped, the dice of deliverance made an appearance we even played a game of cards…  with a catch of course.  Every single person improved on their fitness tests which were taken a few days before the course began and redone on the final day before the final class.  We endured heat and braved the horse flies!

Final class of the week!  Boot Camp!
Final class of the week! Boot Camp!

Well done to all participants!  Ready to go again in a few weeks???

For more information on Intensive weeks or any of the regular weekly classes then please just get in touch!!

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